Membership in the Oregon Animal Control Council is open to any adult person or organization who is actively working in, or affiliated with animal control work.

OACC shall be open for membership at any time, and membership shall be available to any person without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, or sex.

Types of membership

  1.  Agency Membership:  Any Oregon city, county or civilian animal control agency or any humane society contracted by any Oregon city or county for the purpose of animal control.
  2. Organization/Individual Membership:  Any organization which supplies a service or equipment to animal control agencies or provides animal care or control, but does not meet the criteria of the Agency definition OR any person employed by or directly affiliated with either an Agency or Organization as defined above.
  3. Honorary Membership:  Persons upon whom OACC may wish to confer special distinction in recognition of outstanding service to OACC and/or animal control programs.  Nomination to Honorary Membership status shall be made to OACC by the Board of Officers.  A two-thirds (2/3) vote for acceptance of the applicant by the membership present, at any announced general meeting, bestows Honorary Membership.  Honorary Members may not vote, or hold office, but are granted all of the other membership privileges, including, but not limited to, appointment by the Board of Officers to any OACC committee.  Honorary Members are elected for life and are exempt from payment dues.  They must pay their own fees and subscriptions though.

Duties and Responsibilities of Members:  It shall be the responsibility of all members to promote the purposes of OACC, which include but are not limited to: health, education and welfare of those interested in the field of animal control.

There are many benefits to joining OACC including:

Invitation to attend the OACC Annual Training Conference & Awards Banquet

Discounted registration fees for regional training workshops and conferences

Discounted annual NACA membership

Networking with Animal Control professionals

Professional recognition

Emergency animal rescue and disaster crisis response support and assistance.

Annual membership fees are $35 for an individual, or $65 for an agency/organization.

Membership runs from July 1st to June 30th.