Animal control officers are important law enforcing individuals. Animal control officers can hold jobs in health departments, police departments, sheriff’s departments, humane societies, or parks and recreation departments. They are responsible for enforcing and interpreting animal regulations, laws and ordinances.

Duties might include:

  •     Responding to emergency calls involving animals
  •     Dealing with stray animals
  •     Discovering and/or investigating animal cruelty cases
  •     Discovering and/ or investigating dog fighting cases
  •     Caring for animals in a shelter
  •     Investigating incidents of human contact with both wild     
                 and domestic animals (such as bites)
  •     Protecting both wild and domestic animals
  •     Issuing fines or taking animal owners to court for acts    
                 such as those of irresponsibility or violence
  •     Educating people about animals rights
  •     Documenting cases

Oregon Animal Control Council

Employment Listings





Featured Positions:

Field Services Operations Manager
Multnomah County Animal Services

Animal Control Officer 2
Multnomah County Animal Services​

Animal Control Officer- Supervisor
Grants Pass

Animal Control Officer
Grants Pass​

Behavior Program Coordinator
Greenhill Humane Society
Eugene, Oregon